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Our Story

A mom will go to the ends of the Earth to protect her child—no matter who, or what, is in the way. That is how Mission503 began.

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Approaching the launch of my new business in 2016—everything changed—when yet again, biosolids were dumped by our home.  This was not our plan.

We pursued facts to understand our illnesses, not knowing a mission would unfold.  Each new discovery was so unbelievable—and counter to the claims of the 503 Rule—we were compelled to continue pursuing more facts to verify the previous.  Our top five learnings were these: 


It wasn’t just us


The claims of the 503 Rule are harmfully misleading


Authorities are blindly trusting an insufficient and ineffective rule


The industry is doing what the rule allows


The cards are stacked against us

Paula & David Yockel
Paula & David Yockel

Revealing our research to you is uncomfortable.  Revealing our hearts to you is not.  We believe in right and wrong.  Fact and fiction.  Loving our neighbor.  Doing the right thing.  Finding common ground.  Fighting for those who cannot fight for themselves.  And Trusting in God’s Plan.

Although our mission began for family, our family grew to include the harmed who do not know us, the farmers who are misled, and our Nation that is trusting an untrustworthy rule.

There are no words for the journey, thus far.  Only by the Grace of God have we gotten here.  As we enter the next chapter together, I share a song list with you that was inspired through the challenging valleys.  I pray it inspires you also as we unite and embark upon the mountain ahead.  Together, we can do this.

Mom On A Mission503,

Paula signature

Paula B. Yockel

“For nothing will be impossible with God.”   -Luke 1:37

Our Appreciation

To the Scientists, Experts and Geniuses—and you know who you are— who graciously welcomed our questions and shared your skills, resources, knowledge, and time—we are eternally grateful.

In Memoriam of Dr. Steve Wing. May his humane character, courage and commitment live on.


Mission Statement

Mission503 exists to open the eyes of Our Nation to the harm of current sewage disposal practices—so through one unified mission we can stop sewage pollution, as well as lead the way to new federal sewage disposal regulations and infrastructure solutions that Our Nation and Planet can trust.

Key Objectives

  • End terrestrial sewage disposal practices as defined by 40 CFR Part 503
  • Define and activate responsible wastewater infrastructure solutions for sewage disposal
  • Replace 40 CFR Part 503 with rules protective of life and life-sustaining resources

Mission503, Inc. 

A 501(c)(4) Corporation

P.O. Box 300092

Oklahoma City, OK 73140

(405) 985-6311

Board of Directors

Paula B. Yockel, Founder/President

Deann Fry, Director/Secretary

Janet Toney, Director

Access the Mission503 Media Kit Here